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Collegiate Scrubs Online
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About Collegiate Scrubs Online

Collegiate Scrubs Online is dedicated to providing the most comfortable and stylish scrubs in true college colors. Collegiate Scrubs Online provides Gel Scrubs in many colors and styles and colors with logos and without.

Gel Scrubs' goals are to:

  • Continue to raise the bar in terms of overall customer satisfaction by providing a quality product
  • Create the softest fabric for collegiate medical apparel in the industry
  • Manufacture Gel scrubs in true college colors
  • Continue to add more colleges forever
  • Over satisfy the non medical community that has embraced our scrubs as casual wear, sleepwear, and work outwear 
  • Over satisfy the medical community that has embraced our scrubs as medical wear
  • Offer the most extensive and customized scrub programs for hospitals, clinics, labs, gift shops, screen printers, embroiderers, the imprinted sportswear market, ad specialty firms, online retailers, and any other organization that desires the comfort and customization that Gel scrubs provide.

About Gel Scrubs

Gel scrubs started on a ping pong table in the last millennium. However in a relatively short amount of time, the Gel scrubs brand has made tremendous strides, as they have evolved from a casual wear item worn around dorms to being the outfit of choice at the majority of top medical and nursing programs around the country. Gel scrubs are worn by medical professionals and “regular folk’ who crave comfortable and colorful scrubs.
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The Fit

Collegiate Scrubs Online and Gel Scrubs are dedicated to providing the softest and most comfortable collegiate scrubs in the industry. To find the right fit for you please see the size charts over here

The Tops

V-neck design- Styled for loose comfort, whether in an operating room for jogging across campus Brushed poplin fabric- Gel Scrubs doubled brushed poplin offers a truly quality, soft, and comfort feel Set in Sleeves-Creates a 4 panel scrub top which creates a better fitting scrub along the upper arm Brest Pocket- this pocket is perfect for storing Ipod, Stethoscope, Pen, calculator, and more Felling Stitch-Robust felling stitch rare in Today's medical uniforms. The classic double needle stitch was originally created for uniforms being subjected to Industrial laundering.
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The Pants

The Classic and Cargo Nursing, Medical Pant and collegiate scrubs with College Logos.
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The Lab Coat

The Long and Consultation Nursing, Medical Pant and collegiate scrubs with College Logos.
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